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The Madira Bickel Mound State Archaeological Site, which has been protected since 1948, is Florida’s first state archaeological site. Despite the fact that this park is small, it contains thousands of years of history. The park’s main attraction, the Native American mound, provides visitors with an opportunity to witness living history. The mound, which stands 20 feet tall, is made up of sand, fossils, and other debris that was left behind by tribes that once lived in the area.


Walking along the walkway, which passes beneath towering Spanish moss trees and sabal palms, leads to the base of a set of stairs at the base of the mound. Visitors can climb the stairwell to the top of the mound and take in the view of the site in all its ancient splendour. There are interpretive signs along the path leading to the mound that tell the history of the area and how it came to be recognised as a valuable archaeological site.


While you are exploring the site, take time to think about the incredible storey of the people who lived, worked, and played on this land hundreds of years ago. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the beautiful scenery and to become completely immersed in the natural world. It is almost certain that your visit to Madira Bickel Mound will leave you with a greater appreciation for Florida’s rich history and natural landscape.



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