Washington Rock State Park

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Green Brook Township, NJ 08812, United States

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Sunrise to Sunset


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Introduction of Washington Rock State Park

Washington Rock, one of New Jersey’s first state parks, was initially bought in 1913 to honour the historical events of 1777. The park, which is located in Green Brook Township on top of Watchung Mountain, is well-known for its picturesque views and historical value. The park is a well-liked location for resting and having picnics.

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Washington Rock State Park Activities

Historic Sites

The historical sites in Washington Rock State Park that were essential to the American Revolution will intrigue history buffs. There are a lot of beautiful views as well.


On the grounds of this historic park, picnics is permitted. There are available picnic tables. 

Washington Rock State Park History 

Washington Rock’s advantageous position allowed General George Washington to use it as a lookout post in June 1777 as the British army led by General William Howe advanced upon Westfield during the American Revolution. General Washington was able to command his soldiers to loop behind Howe’s troops and obstruct their escape from this natural rock outcropping’s vantage position, which provided a thirty-mile panoramic view of the valley.

Washington Rock State Park
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To get to Greenbrook, use Route 22. Turn right onto Washington Avenue while moving west. The road terminates at the park; continue up the hill. The route stops at the park if you are driving east and take the jughandle at Washington Avenue to cross back over the highway.


Parking is available.

Public Transport

Public Transport is available.

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