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Introduction of Viento State Park

Viento State Park is a water lover’s paradise and is situated in the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon. The breezy river offers some of the greatest windsurfing in the area in addition to great boating and fishing opportunities.

At Viento State Park, there is more than simply the river. Additionally, there are several miles of beautiful hiking paths that take hikers all around the region near the gorge. You may trek to the Historic Columbia River Highway as well. It is a beautiful trek through the state’s past even if it is no longer a roadway.

The park’s trails are open to cyclists, and they may join the network of Scenic Bikeways in Oregon to experience the state’s rich natural and historical legacy.

RV campers have lots of options with 56 campsites at the park, each with facilities including power and water hookups, toilets, and showers. You may discover lots of natural wonders to keep you occupied anytime you visit Viento State Park, whether you want to stay for a day or for a week.

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Campsites in Viento State Park

Viento State Park Campground

The campsite inside the park has 56 sites, all of which have electrical hookups. The campsite also features hot showers and flush toilets. All of the locations accept pets. A fire pit and picnic table are provided at each location.

Just beyond the campsite are the park’s day use section and a number of picnic sites. Additionally, it will be simple for you to access the major hiking route, and you can walk from your camper to the Columbia River in a short amount of time.

The campsite is next to a railroad that has nighttime train service. Bring earplugs if you are a noise-sensitive person if you want to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Reservations can be made up to nine months in advance and must be made at least one day before your arrival. From the beginning of April through the end of October, the campsite is open. Consider making a reservation far in advance if you want to visit during the summer because the campsite quickly sells out.

Viento State Park Activities


Despite being largely renowned for its water sports, Viento State Park has some fantastic short treks that enable you explore the region around the Columbia River Gorge.
The Historic Columbia River Highway, which has been restored over the past 50 years, is also accessible via a mile-long route. You’ll experience a piece of American life in the 1950s.
The park links to a system of paths that will allow you to explore the areas around the park if you wish to go on a longer trek.


Bike riding is a great activity to do while taking in the gorge’s stunning sights. Consider taking a bike with your RV as the paths that wind through the park are accessible to bikers throughout the year.
Connecting to Oregon’s network of Scenic Bikeways will allow you to access some of the state’s top natural attractions as well as nearby historical sites. Make the park your starting point for a longer ride through the neighbourhood.


Viento State Park, which is in the Columbia River Gorge, is subject to strong winds. Because of this, it is a well-liked location for windsurfers, who swarm to the park to take advantage of the turbulent river waters.
The greatest time of year to take your campervan to a park to practise windsurfing is during the summer. Even on the busiest days, there is still plenty of room despite the river’s popularity as a tourist destination.
You may even take a paddleboard out onto the river if the wind is calm. You will need to carry your own board with you in the rig as there are no rentals available.


For those who want to fish, the Columbia River is a great place to go. In the river next to the park, bass, walleye, trout, and catfish are all often encountered along with bluegill and crappie. Additionally, a lot of steelhead migrate up the river during the summer.
If you want to fish in the park, you must have a fishing licence from the state of Oregon. Additionally, there can be seasonal limits on particular fish species. To be sure you are not breaking any fishing laws, check with the park office.
Almost all seasons are great for fishing, but April through September are the finest.


Spend the day in a picnic shelter in the park if you want a more laid-back approach to your visit. A picnic place near to a brook that empties into the Columbia River provides a tranquil, picturesque setting. Additionally, the picnic spot is close to the river’s banks, making it easy to go there to cool down in the water.

from Viento State Park
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Boating along the river is a fantastic way to experience it. In a kayak or canoe, take in the windswept gorge. Although there isn’t a boat launch, it’s simple to access the water from the park’s major locations. You’ll need to bring your own boat because there are no rentals available.
Even though the current is typically calm in the areas close to the park, use caution and carry a life jacket while you explore the region.


RVing is allowed.

Historic Sites

From Viento to Starvation Creek, a one-mile accessible walk leads you along a portion of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Since more than 50 years ago, there hasn’t been any motor traffic on the Highway, which is now a hiking route. If you ever get the chance to go, picture a vintage Ford Model T winding through the streets!



Viento State Park, which is situated in northern Oregon close to the Washington border, is easily accessible by car from a number of the area’s largest cities.

If you are coming from Portland by car, exit the city on I-84, and you will reach the park in just over an hour. You can get to the park in about 2.5 hours by using I-84 and I-5 from Eugene. Additionally, Seattle is not far from the park. You can travel to the park in around three and a half hours if you take I-5 south out of the city.

Once inside the park, there are no limitations on RV use on any of the main roadways.


Parking is available.

Public Transport

Public Transport is available.

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