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686 Tawas Beach Rd, East Tawas, MI 48730, United States

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Introduction of Tawas State Park

On Tawas Beach Road, Tawas Point is situated 2.5 miles southeast of East Tawas along US-23. Only three hours separate it from the Detroit region and the Tri-Cities, respectively. The 183-acre park is located at the tip of the sand spit that defines Tawas Bay. A description of it as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” has been given. Tawas Bay, where the campsite is situated, has shallow, warm water ideal for swimming. The Tawas Point Lighthouse is a major draw for tourists. The lighthouse, which was constructed in 1876, has a Frensnel lens that was created in Paris in 1880. It took the position of the first Ottawa Point Lighthouse, which was close to the current campsite play area. The walls at the base of the lighthouse are 6 feet thick, and it is 70 feet above Lake Huron. The sole surviving example of the First Series Life Saving Stations constructed on the Great Lakes was erected in 1876 and is located next to the park on Lakeview Drive. The station stands as the only example of a genuine Victorian-era architectural station erected on the Great Lakes, despite having undergone several renovations. Throughout addition, Tawas Point serves as a resting place for many migrating bird species, making it a popular destination for bird watchers in the Midwest. Due to the winds and safe waters, Tawas Bay has long been regarded as one of the best sailing locations in the nation. There are other nearby launches if you’d rather go fishing. In the bay outside of the campsite, boats may be anchored. Behind the state police station on U.S. 23 is a ramp that belongs to the DNR. There are also several charter boats in the vicinity. On Tawas Bay, ice fishing is a highly well-liked pastime as well. Tawas Bay’s limestone reef, which was built there in 1987, has contributed to the bay’s reputation as one of the top fishing spots in the world. 800 feet long and 25 feet broad, the reef. It is situated on the northern side of the bay and offers smaller bait fish a natural habitat, which draws bigger predator fish. Since the reef’s creation, anglers have had more success catching walleye, pike, perch, and smallmouth bass.

lake Tawas State Park
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Campsites in Tawas State Park

Reservations camping

KOA Oscoda / Tawas

The Oscoda / Tawas KOA is an outdoor paradise located just off Michigan’s sunrise coast. The RV park has flat sites with complete utilities. Additionally, visitors may benefit from first-rate facilities including a heated pool, playground, gem mining, a jumping cushion, an arcade, and a camp store that is fully equipped. The Au Sable River, a fantastic location for swimming, fishing, canoeing, and tubing, is within a short distance from the camp. Huron National Forest and the Wurtsmith Air Museum are both close by.

Tawas Point Modern Campsites

193 electric-only campsites are dispersed across Tawas Point State Park’s large campground. It is encircled by trees on all sides, which gives the campgrounds some shade. The only campsites with some shade are those on the outside sides near the ponds. In this campground, rigs up to 35 feet long are welcome. Larger RVs must camp at a neighbouring public campsite outside the park, such KOA.

While there are a few handicap accessible campsites that are paved, the majority of sites are a mixture of grass and dirt. Enjoy a sanitation station and electric connections. The campsite has a playground, equipped bathrooms, and change areas.

Make sure you only use approved heat-treated firewood for bonfires. Invasive insects have in the past travelled on firewood and ravaged the nearby vegetation. It’s a fantastic location for individuals who wish to experience coastal camping and come in touch with nature.

Tawas Point Camper Cabins

At Tawas Point, there are four cabins for rent. There is rudimentary power and six beds in each cabin. Each cabin includes a refrigerator and a microwave as standard equipment. Running water is available from the neighbouring main restroom structure. Please note that dogs are not permitted in the cottages.
waterside Tawas State Park
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Tawas State Park Activities

Paddle Boating

A enjoyable sport that can involve both the adults and the children in your family is paddle boating. Tawas Bay is worth the effort because of the clear water and beautiful surroundings. Tawas Point State Park paddle boating is particularly beautiful after dusk. As the sky bursts with colour, you can watch the sun set. Just be aware that after paddle boarding, your thighs and feet could hurt a lot.


Perch, walleye, brown trout, lake trout, northern pike, bass, coho, and chinook salmon may be found in Tawas Bay. Tawas Bay’s limestone reef, which was built there in 1987, has contributed to the bay’s reputation as one of the top fishing spots in the world. 800 feet long and 25 feet broad, the reef. It is situated on the northern side of the bay and offers smaller bait fish a natural habitat, which draws bigger predator fish. Since the reef’s creation, anglers have had more success catching walleye, pike, perch, and smallmouth bass. each spring and autumn.


Sandy Hook Hiking Trail is found near the tip of the point. Two miles of guided hiking are available on the path, which also includes informational stops. Only hikers are permitted on the trail; bicycles and animals are not allowed.

Historic Sites

The second weekend in June each year marks Tawas Point Celebration Days, a family-friendly celebration of American history. There are many of family-friendly activities available. A few of the events include historical and educational exhibits, lighthouse tours, children’s activities, fishing derbies, led hikes, traditional music, and period encampments with period costumes. Other events include demonstrations of traditional crafts like spinning, weaving, blacksmithing, and woodcarving.


Nothing says vacation quite like a satisfying picnic with a stunning view. You may enjoy your favourite beverage at a picnic table near to the shore at Tawas Point State Park while seeing the ebb and flow of the tides. You might perhaps take a long sunbath or read a book. You can even take a short plunge in the ocean because the beach is so close by.


One of the greatest places for birdwatching in the area is Tawas Point State Park. During the height of bird migration, more than 300 species of birds call the area around the state park and lighthouse home. You may find a variety of species here, including bald eagles, piping plovers, and Kirtland warblers. Just be careful to remember to carry your binoculars inside your RV.

Water Sports

Two kilometres of sandy beach may be found in the park. Tawas Bay’s campsite beach features mild, shallow water. On the Lake Huron side of the point, there is a day-use beach with a designated swimming area.

Tawas State Park History 

After the United States Government deemed the lighthouse property surplus, the park was established. The acquisition of 175 acres on Tawas Point for $29,250 was permitted by the state of Michigan’s legislature in 1960. The park’s construction started in 1964, and it opened to the public in 1966. In 1993, a beach pavilion was erected to the location. In order to preserve it as a historic landmark, the Department of Natural Resources purchased the lighthouse in 2001. A year later, the assistant lighthouse keeper’s residence, which had been constructed in 1922, was demolished.

Tawas State Park
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The distance between Detroit and Grand Rapids and Tawas Point State Park in northern Michigan is slightly over three hours. Take US-23 to go to Tawas Point State Park. From the point when you pull off US-23 until you reach the state park, the entire trip is stunning. On both sides of the street, there is vegetation. There is rarely any room for confusion because US-23 only diverges onto one route that leads to Tawas. If you’d rather walk or ride a bike, there is a 13.5-mile non-motorized trail that you may use that begins in Alabaster Township. You may travel all the way to the state park on it.

There is a sizable parking space that can hold both automobiles and RVs close to the campground. Only a two-minute walk separates the parking lot from the beach. Up until the lot, the road is a nice, paved one. Only a gravel road leads to the Tawas beach if you wish to venture farther. It is recommended to leave your car and continue your exploration of the region on foot thereafter.


Parking is available.

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Public Transport is available.

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