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9565 Scenic Beach Rd NW, Seabeck, WA 98380, United States

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Introduction of Scenic Beach State Park

Scenic Beach State Park is located in Kitsap County’s small town of Seabeck. Seabeck, founded in 1841 by Charles Wilkes, was notable for its wide, deep harbor. Marshall Blinn, a savvy businessman, established a sawmill in 1858, transforming Seabeck into a world-renowned sport with a major shipyard that built the largest sailing ships on the west coast, turning out a million board feet per day at the time. In 1886, tragedy struck when a fire broke out in a ship docked at the mill. It wiped out the town and the two mills.

The Emel house, a beautiful craftsman home built in 1912, is a notable landmark in Scenic Beach State Park. In 1886, Peter Emel Sr. arrived in Seabeck from Canada via Seattle, where he built a home on a beautiful stretch of Kitsap shoreline. Peter’s son, Joe Emel Sr., partially demolished and rebuilt this house in 1921. The original builder used canal ballast for the rockwork, which can still be seen on the house today. The Emel family lived in the house and ran the Scenic Beach Resort until Joe Emel died in 1962 when they sold it to the state.

By 1973, funds for the development of a state park were finally available, but state planning efforts included the demolition of the iconic Emel home. The park manager’s wife, Elsa James, and Sharon Barney rallied the community to appeal the decision and save the house. Behind the house is a log cabin that was rebuilt in 1993 by volunteers from the Mission Creek Youth Camp.

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Scenic Beach State Park Camping

Scenic Beach State Park has 52 tent campsites, one dump station, potable water, two ADA restrooms, and four showers. There are eighteen pull-through sites. Please be mindful of leaving no trace. Winter timetable: Sites 1–24 are first-come, first-served; sites 26–50 are closed from September 16 to May 14; potable water is available at the dump station; the reservation season has been extended until November.

Scenic Beach State Park Activities


There is a boat launch less than a half-mile down the coast from the park. However, before you launch your boat, you must obtain a sticker and a license. The canal attracts boaters of all sizes, from large party boats to small kayaks. If the water is calm enough, you can even go paddleboarding. If you are new to the sport, it is best to stay near the shoreline and wear a life jacket at all times because the water becomes choppy the further you go out.


With so many different aquatic species to reel in, saltwater fishing is the most exciting and diverse way to fish. Whether you’re looking for a large fish, a fat crab, or even a sea turtle, you might be surprised at what you find in Hood Canal. Many visitors come for the large rainbow and cutthroat trout and salmon, which are said to be easy to catch with the right fly-fishing technique. Make sure you bring your fishing gear and your fishing license when you come.


Despite its short length, the trail is scenic and ADA-accessible, so you can bring a stroller. Starting at the day-use area, you can walk along this paved path for about a third of a mile, passing over a bridge, through the forest, and past a gazebo where you can take some fantastic selfies with Mount Olympus in the background. And the rhododendron garden will astound you. The gazebo is frequently used for weddings, so keep proper trail etiquette in mind at all times.


Before you leave, attach that bike rack to your vehicle so you and your family can enjoy some riding at Scenic Beach State Park. You can even ride your fat bike on the beach if you have one. The fat tires and low air pressure make maneuvering your bike in the sand easier. Make sure that all children under the age of 16 are wearing helmets, and that you are wearing one as well.


You should definitely take some photos in this beautiful Washington park, with Mount Olympus and the Olympus Mountain Range in the background everywhere you look. There are so many opportunities here, whether you’re just taking selfies with your phone or using a camera with a long lens to photograph wildlife. You can also simply sit on the beach and photograph the sunset as it sets behind the mountains and over the water.


You’ve probably eaten crab meat before, but have you ever felt the thrill of catching your own? This is a fantastic activity to do with the family at Scenic Beach State Park, whether you use pots, nets, or your hands. If you are over the age of 15, you must have a Washington fishing license, and you must familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations before venturing out. All you need for hand crabbing is a stick, a piece of string or line, and bait like cut-up fish, hot dogs, or chicken.

Bird Watching

Bring your binoculars because this little slice of heaven attracts hummingbirds, herons, hawks, owls, pheasants, woodpeckers, eagles, osprey, egrets, and seagulls, and many more! However, birds will not be the only animals you will see. Seals, whales, fish, and other marine life can be heard.

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Scenic Beach State Park Location

Scenic Beach State Park is located in the northwest corner of the state on Kitsap Peninsula, in the small town of Kitsap. The park is easily accessible from I-5 or US-101, as it is located just off WA-3 and WA-16. The park is actually located on the edge of the Olympic National Forest, close to Olympic National Park, so the forest appears to be everywhere. (Because, well, it is!)

Only 43 miles northwest of Seattle, stop in to see the Space Needle or learn why the city is one of the most populous in the state. You can also visit several state parks in the area on your way in or out of town. Alternatively, make a day of it and visit several of them. Watersports, hiking, and nearly 1,800 miles of beachfront are available at Illahee State Park, which is only 18.5 miles to the southeast. Kitsap Memorial State Park, located 20 miles to the northeast, features fantastic historical sites, oyster harvesting, clamming, and crabbing, as well as amazing tide pools.

Scenic Beach State Park is small in size, but it has plenty of space for RVs and trailers up to 60 feet long. However, follow the posted speed limit of 15 miles per hour or less and keep an eye out for other park visitors, including children and dogs, as well as wildlife. After you’ve parked your vehicle, use your bike or your feet to explore the surrounding area.

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Parking is available for Scenic Beach State Park.

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