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299 Rockland Lake Rd, Valley Cottage, NY 10989, United States

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Introduction of Rockland Lake State Park

The lake in Rockland Lake State Park is situated above the west bank of the Hudson River on a ridge of Hook Mountain. The park is a component of the Palisades Interstate Park system and was created and made accessible to the public in the early 1960s. The park features two Olympic-sized pools, two kiddie pools, picnic areas with grills, a boat launch that can be accessed from a car, hiking paths with stunning Hudson Valley vistas, six tennis courts, and two golf courses. Bass, perch, and norlunge may be caught at Rockland Lake by anglers, and walkers and joggers can utilise the lake’s fitness route. Visitors may enjoy dedicated sledding hills and cross-country ski tracks in the winter. All seasons may be spent at the park. Dogs are not permitted in the Park from May 1 to September 30. Dogs are allowed in the Park from October 1 to March 31, but not on the bike path or remodelled paths.

Rockland Lake State Park Activities


Along the Hudson’s bank, there are a few gravel pathways that offer breathtaking views of the river, the broader Hudson Valley, the Tappan Zee Bridge, and Westchester County.


There is a public car-top boat launching area at Rockland Lake State Park.


Two 18-hole golf courses, one a championship course and the other an executive course, can be found at Rockland Lake State Park Golf Course. True golfing prowess is put to the test on the championship course. Elevated greens are reached by the narrow, tree-lined fairways and sloping terrain. On the course, there are just 37 bunkers, but they are all strategically positioned. The par 3 holes are challenging and lengthy. On the executive course, all 18 holes are par 3s and range in length from 110 to 213 yards. To sharpen your short game, this course offers a good skill test. The course offers a driving range, pro shop, snack bar, and practise putting greens.


The 3.2-mile paved non-motorized use track that around the lake is great for bicyclists.


Six tennis courts are available to the public at Rockland Lake State Park from late March until late November.


Anglers may catch bass, perch, and norlunge at Rockland Lake.

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Rockland Lake State Park is a great spot to take the family because there are so many picnic tables there. Grills and picnic shelters are not available on the property.

Water Sports

In addition to two kiddie pools, the park has two Olympic-sized swimming pools. A massive 24,140 square foot swimming pool with diving boards is one of the pools. From the long weekend after Memorial Day to Labor Day, swimming is allowed.

Winter Sports

Visitors may take use of approved cross-country ski tracks and sledding hills throughout the winter. In the winter, ice fishing is also an option.

Rockland Lake State Park History 

Native Americans in the area used to refer to Rockland Lake as “Quashpeake Pond” until the lake was given its current name, which honours the county in which it is located. Before adopting the name of the lake, the nearby hamlet of Rockland Lake was formerly known as “Slaughter’s Landing.”

Ice production

Rockland Lake was a significant source of ice for New York City before the park was built, thanks to the Knickerbocker Ice Company, which was founded on the lake’s northeastern side in 1831. Rockland Lake has a reputation for possessing the purest and cleanest ice in the region, leading to its emergence as the “Icehouse of New York City.”

The Knickerbocker Ice Company employed 3,000 employees and ran 12 steamboats and 75 ice barges in the 1850s. Blocks of ice were kept in big icehouses after the ice harvest, which usually started in January, and were then distributed to clients as the weather got warmer. The sawdust-insulated icehouses had a maximum ice storage capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

Established in 1862, the neighbouring Knickerbocker Fire House.

In 1924, the Knickerbocker Ice Company was shut down. Inadvertently igniting the sawdust insulation of one of the ice huts in 1926 while tearing it down were workmen. Much of the community of Rockland Lake was destroyed by the fire, which spread rapidly. The ancient ice firm foundation is still there, and it is now recognised by a bench and a historical plaque.

Recreational history

Rockland Lake has been a recognised destination for relaxation since 1873, when “The Grove,” a picnic spot, was built near the lake’s northern edge. The construction of a second leisure facility known as the “Quaspeck Park Beach Club and Casino” close to the lake’s southern edge came next. Visitors were transported to the lake’s recreational sections by special trains around the start of the 20th century.

The lake and 225 acres (0.91 km2) of property, which made up the original portion of what would become Rockland Lake State Park, were bought by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission in 1958. A total of 1,035 acres (4.19 km2) had been acquired by 1964 to create the park. The park now spans 1,133 acres thanks to additional property purchases made in the ensuing years (4.59 km2).



24 miles north of New York City, off Route 9W.


Parking is available.

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Public Transport is available.

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