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902 State Park Dr, Robertsville, MO 63072, United States

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7:00 AM to 9:00 PM


$12 - $36


Introduction of Robertsville State Park

According to Erik Otto, an interpretive resource coordinator for Missouri State Parks, Robertsville State Park is home to a very rare tree that produces purple flowers in April and bears fruit around the first week of September.

The pawpaw tree, native to America but less well-known than you might assume due to its brittle roots and spoiling fruit, may be found on the 2.6-mile Lost Hills Trail, a newer trail that climbs through the uplands to a vista of the oxbow slough (dammed wetlands in the old Calvey creekbed).

The pawpaw tree, also known as the Ozark banana or the custard apple tree, produces fruit that tastes like vanilla, banana, and mango yet has the appearance of a pear. Many park visitors harvest the fruit and use it in their cooking; Otto’s tested a banana bread recipe that substituted pawpaw for the banana. However, leave the tree’s foliage alone; the zebra swallowtail caterpillar exclusively eats those specific leaves.

The confluence of Calvey Creek and the Meramec River creates a beautiful river bottom area with numerous life and trees. Scenic cliffs stand above the softly running rivers, adding to the natural splendour of the area. Robertsville State Park also offers a variety of outdoor activities. Boating and other watersports are available, as are hiking trails and relaxing by the river. There is also some history here. Many of the original farmland clearings may still be seen today, and some of the early settlers are buried in the local cemetery.

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Robertsville State Park Camping

There are 25 campsites in the loop campground. 13 of them are wired for electricity. They are all back-in sites with plenty of space. There are also four large parking lots at this campground. Reservations are accepted from April 1 to October 31. Aside than that, it’s first come, first served. An RV dump station, frost-free drinking water spigots, a restroom/shower area open from April 1 to October 31, a special-use camping area, and a wood lot are among the campground features.

Robertsville State Park Activities


If you’ve pulled a boat or kayak on your trailer, the Meramec River is a great canoeing waterway. It is both wide and deep. It’s also incredibly picturesque. However, be prepared to share the canal as there is generally a lot of boat traffic. Powered craft are welcome here, but keep your speed under control. This river has many twists and bends, not all of which are marked on the map.


The smallmouth bass fishing is fantastic here. These fish are plentiful and quite large. A third of these fish are larger than the 12-inch limit. Try the faster-moving waters around the beginning or end of pools of water. Catfish are generally found where there are submerged barriers, such as rocks or trees. Many of these catfish reach 20 inches or larger in length. To reel them in, use set lines or limb lines. In the off-season, there are a lot of drums and suckers. And there are plenty of sunfish all year. Despite their modest size (three to five inches), they are a lot of fun to catch.


The Spicebush Trail is a 0.9-mile loop trail that is good for beginners due to its level terrain. There are no signs, but the path is well-worn and simple to follow. A beautiful footbridge is one of the highlights. The Lost Hill Trail is slightly longer (2.8 miles) and more difficult. Hikers will traverse many rolling hills. This track is a little swampy in places, but it’s a river bottom, so what do you expect? The wildflowers on both of these routes are beautiful in the early spring, and the mid-fall colour changes are also spectacular.


Picnicking is one of the most soothing activities you can do while visiting this state park by RV. Two huge picnic shelters are positioned next to each other and are pretty lovely. Each shelter is equipped with electricity, a huge grill, seating for up to 75 people, and its own drinking water faucet. Reservations are offered for a modest cost, or if no one is there, you are welcome to make yourself at home. Robertsville State Park also has a variety of open picnic spots. Most of them are located beside the softly trickling Meramec River, making outside eating a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Don’t forget to bring binoculars with you in your campervan or rig. There are many birds where there are many trees, especially during the spring and fall migratory seasons. Robertsville State Park is home to approximately 100 distinct bird species. Check out the northern area of the park near the Meramec River to see ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. These marshes provide a haven for these birds. The more densely forested core section of the park is ideal for songbirds. As you explore the hiking routes, keep an eye out for trees and keep your checklist accessible. Keep an eye out for large birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, and vultures flying overhead.

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Robertsville State Park Location

Robertsville State Park is 50 miles from the St. Louis Gateway Arch and takes roughly an hour to get there. I-44 west to Exit 247 (Union/US Highway 50 East). Within a quarter mile of exiting, take the first right turn. Continue past the Harley-Davidson dealership until you reach the next right turn, Route O. Take Route O for five miles before turning left after crossing the Meramec River.

Robertsville State Park is 89 miles from Jefferson City and will take roughly one and a half hours to reach. Take US Highway 50 east for 90 miles to I-44. Take I-44 east toward St. Louis; stay in the right lane and take Exit 247 very immediately. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right onto Route O and continue for five kilometres. After crossing the Meramec River, take the first left.

Robertsville State Park is located 170 miles from Springfield and 70 miles from Rolla. Take I-44 east to Exit 247 (Union/US Highway 50 East). At the bottom of the ramp, turn right onto Route O and continue for five kilometres. After crossing the Meramec River, take the first left.

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