Ricketts Glen State Park: Gateway to the Pocono Mountains

Nestled within the scenic heart of Pennsylvania, Ricketts Glen State Park serves not only as a captivating destination in its own right but also as a gateway to the expansive wonders of the Pocono Mountains. In this article, we will explore Ricketts Glen’s role as the perfect entry point for exploring the broader Poconos region, unveiling nearby attractions, additional outdoor activities, and the seamless integration of Ricketts Glen into a larger adventure in the Pocono Mountains.

Proximity to Nearby Attractions:

Ricketts Glen State Park holds a prime location, offering visitors easy access to a plethora of attractions within the Pocono Mountains. A short drive from the park opens up a world of possibilities, including charming towns, historic sites, and cultural experiences. The quaint village of Eagles Mere, known for its pristine lake and Victorian charm, is just a scenic drive away. Additionally, the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) provides an opportunity for visitors to engage in educational programs, workshops, and explore the rich biodiversity of the region.

Additional Outdoor Activities:

While Ricketts Glen boasts its own array of outdoor activities, the proximity to the Pocono Mountains allows visitors to expand their adventure beyond the park’s boundaries. The Poconos are renowned for their diverse recreational offerings, including hiking, biking, and water activities. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, just a short drive away, beckons with its stunning landscapes, river adventures, and numerous hiking trails, providing a complementary experience to Ricketts Glen’s natural wonders.

Seamless Integration of Adventures:

Ricketts Glen seamlessly integrates into the larger adventure awaiting visitors in the Pocono Mountains. The park’s trails, waterfalls, and serene lakes serve as the perfect prelude to the expansive exploration of the Poconos. Outdoor enthusiasts can plan a multi-day itinerary that includes a visit to Ricketts Glen for its spectacular waterfalls and then extends into the Pocono Mountains for additional hiking, wildlife encounters, and scenic vistas.

Accommodations and Hospitality:

Ricketts Glen acts as a gateway with convenient access to various accommodations, from rustic cabins within the park to cozy bed and breakfasts in the surrounding area. This accessibility allows visitors to use Ricketts Glen as a central hub for their exploration of the Pocono Mountains, making the park an ideal starting point for those looking to immerse themselves in the diverse offerings of the region.

Year-Round Appeal:

One of the advantages of using Ricketts Glen as a gateway to the Pocono Mountains is its year-round appeal. Whether covered in a blanket of snow during winter, adorned with blooming wildflowers in spring, surrounded by lush greenery in summer, or painted in vibrant fall colors, Ricketts Glen provides a stunning introduction to the changing seasons in the Poconos. Visitors can tailor their trips based on seasonal activities, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving adventure.


Ricketts Glen State Park serves as a gateway to the expansive wonders of the Pocono Mountains, offering visitors a perfect introduction to the region’s diverse attractions and outdoor activities. From nearby charming towns to additional outdoor adventures, the Poconos seamlessly integrate into the Ricketts Glen experience, creating a dynamic and multifaceted journey. As visitors explore the park’s waterfalls, trails, and serene landscapes, they are beckoned to venture beyond, discovering the broader beauty and adventures that await in the enchanting Pocono Mountains.

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