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Hwy. 64B, Pittsburg, MO 65724, United States

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Sunrise to sunset


Camping is $25 a night with water and electric hookup and $20 for a tent site. Weekly rates are $100 without electric and water and $140 with electric and water.

Introduction of Pomme De Terre State Park

Pomme de Terre State Park has it all: lovely trees, a fantastic beach, water that sparkles in the sun, and gorgeous campsites where you may meet new people. This park provides a little bit of land, a little bit of water, and a whole lot of enjoyment as it wraps around the Pomme de Terre Lake. This beautiful park covers 734 acres in Missouri’s Hickory County. The park’s name, which translates to “apple of the soil,” seems suitable given that visitors who come here to escape the foul scent of the cities find it to be a really fresh apple in their life. The park and the Pomme de Terre River served as a border between the Native Americans and the settlers in the past. It was also a hub for timber production for the entire region and a former lead and zinc mining site. The Pomme de Terre River was converted into a 7,800-acre lake in the early 1960s, and it still exists today. It gives a getaway from the ordinary life and a breath of fresh air to those who most need it.

lake near Pomme De Terre State Park
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Pomme De Terre State Park Activities


At one of the four paved boat launch ramps in the park, you may reach Pomme de Terre Lake. One is in the campsite (open from March through November) and the other is near the Highway 64 and RD Road entry to the park’s north side on the Hermitage side of Pomme de Terre Lake. There are boat launches at the State Park Marina and the open picnic shelter on the Pittsburg side, respectively. In the park, there are no launch costs. Check with the park office for the most updated information about boat ramps that have recently been closed for maintenance.


To catch bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, or even muskie, cast your lines. True muskellunge fishing is only available in Pomme de Terre Lake in Missouri. The Pittsburg side has a marina and a fishing pier. Anywhere on Pomme de Terre Lake is legal to fish. The State Park Marina charges an adult daily fishing fee of $2 and a kid daily fishing cost of $1. The Missouri Department of Conservation is the source of the links to the Pomme de Terre Lake Fish Habitat Structures and Fishing Report pages. Pomme de Terre Lake is included under Southwest Region: Lakes in the Fishing Report. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be reached by clicking on the Daily Lake Information link.


The park includes two hiking routes that meander through a variety of picturesque regions for anyone who would rather stay on land. You may trek 1.5 or 2 kilometres on the Cedar Bluff Trail, which starts near the beach or campsite. The trek is simple and the terrain is generally moderate. A trek that is about half as long may be completed by using the connection route. The connecting path has white arrows, while the main loop is marked with yellow arrows pointing in a counterclockwise orientation. It is possible to access the path from March to November.

The three-mile Indian Point Trail is in length. Using the connecting route allows for 1.5 and 2.5 mile excursions that are less strenuous. The connecting path is marked with white arrows while the main loop is marked with blue arrows pointing clockwise.


The Pittsburg Campground has a full-service marina, beach, shelter house, laundry, water, picnic area, footpaths, dump station, and accessible showerhouse throughout the camping season (April through October). During the off-season, the water, showerhouse, and dump station are all shut off (November through March). During this time, campers should pack their own potable water. All year long, Campground Loop 100 is accessible and bookable. Campground Loop 200 is accessible and bookable from March to November. During the on-season, campground loops 300 and 400 are accessible. For in-season stays, sites in Loop 300 are reservable; however, sites in Loop 400 are only accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. Weekend bookings have a two-night minimum stay requirement. The most recent firewood advice must be followed by campers who intend to bring their own firewood.

During the camping season (April through October), amenities at Hermitage Campground include a sizable beach, a picnic area, pathways, a dump station, a shower house, a laundry room, and accessible water. During the off-season, the water, dump station, and showerhouse are shut off (November through March). During this time, campers should pack their own potable water. From March through November, the Hermitage camping is accessible and bookable. Weekend bookings have a two-night minimum stay requirement. The most recent firewood advice must be followed by campers who intend to bring their own firewood.

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At one of the picnic areas scattered around the woodland and close to the lake, you may relax or have lunch. You may rent an open picnic shelter with a view of the lake in advance for sizable gatherings of friends or family. Up to 150 people may be accommodated in the open shelter, which has seating, a grill outside, water, and power. Contact the park office at 417-852-4291 to arrange a reservation.

At one of the playground sections, the kids will have fun. There are playgrounds beside the showerhouse and the shelter house on the park’s Pittsburg side. A playground may be found at the campsite on the Hermitage side of the park and is open from March through November.


The park offers a wide range of amenities for RV customers.

Water Sports

At one of the two public swimming beaches in the park, which are situated on each side of Pomme de Terre Lake, you may cool off or relax in the sunshine. At each beach, there is a facility for changing clothes and using the bathroom.


The Pomme de Terre River in Hickory County, which means “apple of the soil” or “potato” in French, was surrounded by uncultivated meadows. The U.S. Corps of Engineers dammed the river in the early 1960s, resulting in a 7,800-acre lake that soon gained popularity among locals of Kansas City. Due to its current division into two distinct management districts, Pittsburg and Hermitage, Missouri, which surround opposite peninsulas, the property is unique to the Missouri State Park system. Pittsburg is known for its natural grasslands, while Hermitage is known for its densely forested regions that are broken up by steep bluffs.


Only the summertime offers some seasonal activities (like swimming). Inquire at the park office for the most recent details.

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It will be as simple as saying “apple” to go to the apple of your eye or the apple of the earth! The park is located in one of Missouri’s most picturesque regions, and it is encircled by tiny towns where you can buy food and other camping necessities. Three miles south of the park, in Pittsburg, lies the closest settlement. The closest town, located approximately ten miles distant, is Urbana if you are travelling from the east. The Pittsburg route is straight and tidy, but it has seen better days. Driving to the park won’t provide any problems, though, since the signage are obvious and impossible to miss. Driving from the east is similar to driving from the west, however because the route is windier, extra caution is advised. Even if you get lost, you can quickly locate someone to ask for directions because the entire region is rather inhabited. Both campsites have parking spaces accessible for day visitors and campers planning to stay overnight or longer.


Parking is available.

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Public Transport is available.

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