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15819 Funnel Rd, Camp Douglas, WI 54618, United States

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Introduction of Mill Bluff State Park

Mill Bluff State Park is a haven for tent and RV campers looking for a true backcountry experience. Its convenient location just off I-94 makes it an ideal stopover for tired RVers looking for a place to rest before continuing on their adventures.

But chances are you’ll want to stay a while — you don’t need to think geology rocks to appreciate the park’s unique mesa landscape, which weary travelers have been admiring for hundreds of years. Hikers, nature lovers, swimmers, and those looking for a great picnic spot will fall head over heels for Mill Bluff State Park.

Anglers should probably avoid this secluded location because fishing is not permitted at the park’s small pond. Hunting is permitted here, so use caution when walking through this densely forested area, and wear bright, reflective clothing if you plan to explore off the beaten path.

Mill Bluff State Park Camping

Prepare to leave your creature comforts at home on your camping trip to Mill Bluff State Park; there are no showers or flush toilets at this rustic campground. But it’s not a bad price to pay for a wooded wonderland setting with unforgettable sunrise views of the bluffs.

There are twenty-one sites available, with roughly one-third of those sites providing RV campers with electricity hookups. A hand pump provides drinking water. Because of the park’s proximity to the Interstate, you’ll almost certainly hear some traffic noise, so bring earplugs.

The majority of the campsites are level, shaded, and accessible to campers with disabilities. Campers at Mill Bluff State Park can reserve a site up to 11 months in advance, and while reservations are recommended, they are not required. Because trash receptacles are not usually provided at Wisconsin state parks, be prepared to pack in all supplies and pack out all waste.

Although the park is open all year, the campground is only open from May to September. During hunting season, campers should be aware that hunting is permitted in this state park.

Near water Mill Bluff State Park
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Mill Bluff State Park Activities


Mill Bluff State Park has numerous hiking trails, but the most popular is undoubtedly the Mill Bluff Summit. This short path leads up a set of steps to an observation area where hikers can catch their breath and gaze out at the bluffs and surrounding forest. A half-mile nature trail is also a great way to get those steps in while learning about the park’s flora and fauna along the way. Hound-dog hikers are not permitted on the nature trail. Looking for a greater challenge? The Camel’s Bluff Trail, which is just over a mile long, is the park’s longest loop.


Mill Bluff State Park has a stretch of white sand beach that is ideal for a swim on a hot summer day. Because fishing is prohibited at the pond, swimmers are free to enjoy the water at their leisure. Swim at your own risk because there are no lifeguards on duty at the beach.


Mill Bluff State Park’s covered shelter, which includes electricity, a grill, and a few picnic tables, is ideal for families and small groups. From May to September, guests can reserve the picnic shelter in advance; otherwise, it is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Pets are not permitted in the picnic area.

Cross Country Skiing

If the weather cooperates, some of the trails at Mill Bluff State Park provide excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiers are advised to stick to trails and areas they are familiar with, as the park is not staffed during the winter. Also, because the trails are not groomed in the off-season, come prepared for any potential hazards.


Mill Bluff State Park’s stunning namesake bluffs are one of the park’s main draws. Visitors strolling through the park will want to take a picture of these snow-capped formations bathed in a postcard-worthy bloodred sunset. For centuries, travelers have admired these rocky outcrops; in the days of the Old West, they were considered important landmarks, and pioneers even mentioned them in their journals!

Night view Mill Bluff State Park
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Mill Bluff State Park Location

RVers driving down I-94 will be able to see the park’s bluffs from the road – that’s how close the park is to the highway! If you decide to park your vehicle at Mill Bluff State Park and explore these scenic outcrops on your own, the park’s paved roads will be easy to navigate.


Day-use visitors will find a paved parking lot near the pond at the park’s entrance. Please keep in mind that all visitors must have a parking permit, which must be displayed in their vehicle windows at all times.

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Public transport is not available

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