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49601 Eight Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167, United States

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Free with the purchase of the Recreation Passport ($12 via the Secretary of State or $17 at a State Park)
Non-Resident Annual Pass $33
Non-Resident Daily Pass $9

Introduction of Maybury State Park

You’re welcome to go to and take pleasure at Maybury State Park. The park offers residents of the metro region the chance to participate in outdoor leisure activities in a state park environment. It has over 1,000 acres of gently undulating terrain, open meadow, mature woodland, a diversity of fauna, and an abundance of wildflowers. People who may not otherwise get the chance to enjoy the environment’s natural elements are specifically targeted for introduction.

Park State Maybury The park offers individuals the chance to participate in outdoor leisure activities in a state park environment and spans about 1,000 acres of gently sloping terrain, open grassland, mature woodland, a diversity of fauna, and plentiful wildflowers.

Maybury State Park
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Maybury State Park Activities


Cycling is allowed.


Fishing is legal.


There are several pathways to explore throughout the park.


There are picnic shelters available.

Horseback Riding

The park has a number of equestrian trails.

Winter Sports

Maybury State Park is a popular destination for cross country skiing.

at Maybury State Park
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Maybury State Park History 

A confined city for thousands of Detroit’s extremely contagious TB patients—then sometimes termed consumption—held more than 40 buildings—infirmaries, homes, playgrounds for kids, and a school—long before the park became a sanctuary for picnickers. The institution was built in Detroit by wealthy real estate mogul William H. Maybury so that thousands of TB patients might be relocated from the city and treated there in the facility’s idyllic surroundings. Before the area was transformed into Wayne County’s first state park in 1975, the most of the structures were demolished. Only four stone and brick doctor’s homes remain, one of which serves as the park’s administrative centre, while many of Maybury’s asphalt walking routes are on previous walkways and highways.

The DNR requested that the Maybury Farm, which had been shut down in 2002, be operated by the Northville Community Foundation in 2003. In September 2005, the farm reopened after a deal was made. The major barns, some of the farm’s equipment, and many of the animals were all destroyed by fire in February 2003. The farm was rebuilt as a result of a public fundraising drive, which also involved transporting some 125-year-old barns from a nearby village.



Eight Mile is located at Beck Road, five miles west of I-275, four miles north of M-14, or four miles south of I-96.


Parking is available.

Public Transport

Public Transport is available.

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