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15310 N Lighthouse Point Rd, Northport, MI 49670, United States

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Introduction of Leelanau State Park

Leelanau State Park, located at the tip of the little finger on the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula, offers visitors over 1,300 acres to explore. The name “Leelanau” is Native American for “A Land of Delight,” and it perfectly describes the area. The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, a rustic campground, two mini cabins, 8.5 miles of hiking/skiing trails, and a picnic area are all part of the park. Petoskey stones can be found on the beach.

Leelanau State Park Camping

Campers may not stay for more than 15 nights in a row. Each night, campsites must be occupied. Per campsite, two vehicles are permitted. Visitors are required to leave by 10 p.m. Fireworks are not allowed.


Evening view Leelanau State Park
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Leelanau State Park Trails

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Leelanau State Park Location

The park’s campground is located on County Road 629, 8 miles north of Northport. Densmore Road leads 4 miles north of Northport to the Cathead Bay trailhead.


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