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Farm to Market 2836, Colorado City, TX 79512, United States

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8 AM to 10 PM


$4 per day, per person 13 and older.
$2 per person per day for Adult Group Entrance.


Introduction of Lake Colorado City State Park

Lake Colorado City State Park, with its smooth to rough paths, gorgeous mesquite vegetation, and more than five miles of lakeshore frontage, is a must-visit location on your next RV vacation. The park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and is situated about 11 miles southwest of Colorado City. You’ll have plenty of chances to engage in outdoor pursuits including hiking, geocaching, kayaking/boating, bird watching, and nature photography as well as picnics, camping, fishing, swimming (unsupervised), and fishing.

Whatever your heart wants, whether you enjoy hiking, birdwatching, or kayaking while on an RV vacation, Lake Colorado City State Park offers it. There are 110 campsites, 11 cottages with air conditioning, a pavilion, and a group hall in the park if you just want to unwind. Restrooms, showers, electric and water campsites, dump stations, cabins, a recreation hall, interpretive trails, picnic areas, a group picnic pavilion, a designated swimming area, parking lots, a boat ramp, a fishing barge, a fishing pier, and a playground are among the facilities and services offered at Lake Colorado City State Park.

The park is situated in the western Rolling Plains sector of Mesquite Plains. Wildlife that may be seen and photographed at the park, in addition to the numerous mesquite trees and greenery, includes white-tailed deer, mallard ducks, raccoons, armadillos, and squirrels. Fish species include largemouth bass, channel catfish, and sunfish may be found in the park.

Lake Colorado City state park
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A Mitchell County utility company has leased a 500-acre area called Lake Colorado City State Park for 99 years. Southwest of Colorado City, it is. In 1971, TPWD leased the area, and the park was inaugurated in 1972.

On the Colorado River tributary Morgan Creek, the lake was constructed in 1949. It supplied Colorado City with water, cooled the Morgan Creek Power Plant, and was used for pleasure. Its waters are currently just used for pleasure; they are no longer used for the first two reasons.

Seasonal Activities in Lake Colorado City State Park



On your RV vacation, take a hike on the two trails in Lake Colorado City State Park, which together total around 3 miles. The 1-mile long Cactus Cut Trail offers amazing views of Lake Colorado City and the Morgan Creek Power Plant, is an easy to moderate level trek along the edge of Lake Colorado City, and is ideal for a family hike. The 1.8-mile Roadrunner Loop walk offers a moderate to difficult climb and passes by the Picnic Overlook, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake. On this walk, you should absolutely not skip Rock Ridge since it divides the lake from a secret pond and gives you the opportunity to observe park species like birds.


The magnificent greenery of Lake Colorado City State Park makes it the ideal location for you to enjoy nature while on an RV trip. The region was once an open grassland with a sporadic, frequently restricted, woody plant population, but mesquite now frequently dominates it. These mesquite trees provide shade for park visitors and campers where other trees can’t, making them excellent locations for outdoor leisure and enhancing your comfort as you hike, walk, or observe nature.


All RV campers in Lake Colorado City State Park enjoy boating as a result of the lake and the boat ramp’s accessibility. You may thus relax and have fun on your holiday while boating across the lake by yourself or with family or friends. So get ready and launch your boat at the ramp area to take part in the unforgettable lake experience. All children under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket when boating, and they must be accompanied by an adult.



The fishing pier and fishing barge at Lake Colorado City State Park are there to help you have an even better time fishing when you camp there in your RV. Wheelchair users can access the fishing pier by a cement pathway from the parking area. Crappie, perch, catfish, bass, and red drum are a few common fish that you may capture. Use live and prepared baits for catfish in the river channels and close to drop-offs. Use minnows and fake baits among the bulrushes and along the rip-rap on the dam to catch largemouth bass. Golden algal blooms in the lake normally occur between November and April and can range in severity from mildly to extremely poisonous blooms that cause fish fatalities.


In the 51-foot-deep, crystal-clear Lake Colorado City State Park, there is a designated swimming area near the boat ramp where you may cool down during your RV vacation. Personal watercraft are not permitted in the swimming area and must adhere to the No Wake regulations, especially in the boat launch area, for the safety of swimmers. In the swimming area, no glass containers nor dogs are permitted.

Paddling and Kayaking

You may paddle and kayak on Lake Colorado City as part of the enjoyable activities at the campground on your RV vacation. If your RV or trailer doesn’t already have a kayak or paddleboard, you may rent one there and get started right away! For your protection while you enjoy your time on the lake, life jackets are also available at the park.

Campsites in Lake Colorado City State Park

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Rolling Hills Camping Area

There are 43 pet-friendly campsites at Rolling Hills Camping Area, which is open all year round for tent camping and RV/trailer camping. The campsites feature facilities including showers, bathrooms, fire grills, and access to a trailer dump station. They also have electric and water hookups for your RV or trailer. This campground’s maximum RV/trailer length is 123 feet. The park has rules against collecting firewood, having campfires outside of fire rings, or consuming or displaying alcoholic beverages in public. 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. are quiet hours.

view of cabins Lake Colorado City State Park
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Mesquite Circle Camping Area

33 pet-friendly campsites for tents and RVs are available year-round at Mesquite Circle Camping Area. The campsites offer showers, bathrooms, a playground, a fire grill, a fishing barge, and a group activity hall with a capacity of 75 people. They also have power and water hookups for your RV or trailer. The leisure centre is a fantastic location for anything from meetings to family gatherings thanks to its industrial kitchen and enormous BBQ pit. The Mesquite Circle campsite serves as the starting point for both the Cactus Cut Trail and the Roadrunner Trail. This campground’s maximum RV/trailer length is 62 feet. The park forbids collecting firewood, having campfires outside of fire rings, or publicly consuming or displaying any alcoholic beverage. 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. are quiet hours.

Lakeview Camping Area

34 pet-friendly campsites are available all year round for tent camping and RV camping at Lakeview Camping Area. These campsites have water access but do not have RV or trailer power connections. This campground’s maximum RV/trailer length is 81 feet. The Lakeview campsite has a fishing pier, bathrooms, and showers. Around this campsite is a trailer disposal station. Just a short distance from the Lakeview Camping Area is the little dock known as Lakeview Dock, which is a nice area to try your luck at catching a fish. The collecting of firewood and the public use or exhibition of any alcoholic beverage are also forbidden at the campsite. 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. are quiet hours.



Since Lake Colorado City State Campground is just 11 miles southwest of Colorado City off of Interstate 20 on FM 2836, it is a simple drive-in park for your RV, trailer, or any other vehicle. All of the campsites and the Day Use Area are connected by paved roads inside the park, making it simple for your RV or any other vehicle to visit any spot there.


With 10 parking spaces spread out around the park, Lake Colorado City State Park offers plenty of alternatives for RVs and trailers. Parking places are conveniently available at the Mesquite Camping Area, Lakeview Camping Area, along the road leading there, as well as at the Day Use Area. Due to the restricted parking available in the campgrounds, daily guests will not be permitted to park at campsites until there is space on the parking pad. At each campground in the park, a maximum of 3 vehicles, including a motorhome or travel trailer, are permitted. There are wheelchair accessible cement pathways from the parking lot to all bathrooms and shower facilities.

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At Lake Colorado City State Park, there are no public transit options.





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