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34 Gifford Woods Acc, Killington, VT 05751, United States

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Introduction of Gifford Woods State Park

Killington, Vermont is home to Gifford Woods State Park. Its proximity to the Appalachian Trail makes it a popular destination for hikers eager to put their skills to the test on the trail. The park is close to the Killington and Pico summits. You’ll have easy access to the adjoining Kent Pond while you’re in the park. You will also be surrounded by the park’s magnificence, including beautiful foliage changes in the fall.

Gifford Woods is significant to Vermont’s natural landscape because it contains one of the state’s last old-growth hardwood tree groups.

The Gifford Woods National Natural Landmark, a designation granted by the National Park Service, has been set aside an area of roughly 20 acres.

When you visit Gifford Woods State Park, you will have several camping alternatives. You can rent one of the park’s four cabins. There are also 21 tent or RV sites, as well as 19 lean-to sites for campers, accessible at the park. The park does not have any hookups. When you stay at the park, you will have access to bathrooms and coin-operated hot showers.

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Gifford Woods State Park Camping

When camping at Gifford Woods State Park, you can rent one of the cabins or camp at one of the various campsites. The park contains 21 tent or RV sites, albeit not all of them can accommodate a camping trailer or RV. Some are only big enough to hold a big tent. There are also 19 lean-to sites available in the campground. These campsites are set around two camping loops in the park, one in the west and one in the east, which you can access after checking in at the park office.

All of the sites lack connections, so be prepared for basic camping. There are restrooms with hot and cold running water at the campground.

All of the sites lack connections, so be prepared for basic camping. There are restrooms with hot and cold running water at the campground. There are also coin-operated hot showers and a trailer dumping station. Several of the campsites and restrooms are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Gifford Woods State Park Activities


The proximity to the Appalachian Trail is one of the key draws to Gifford Woods State Park and camping here with your camping trailer or rig. The park provides easy access to the Appalachian Trail, with a trail that crosses Highway 100 to enable access to the main thoroughfare. Hiking attracts people from all around the world, so you’ll be in good company. The park also contains a one-mile circle known as the Kent Brook Trail.


When you visit Gifford Woods State Park in your RV, make sure to bring your fishing equipment with you. Kent Pond is located across the road from the state park, and it also has a boat ramp that you can use. Don’t be concerned if you want to learn to fish but lack the necessary equipment. Gifford Woods State Park participates in Vermont’s Reel Fun programme, which allows you to borrow fishing equipment and learn how to fish.


When you camp in your RV in Gifford Woods State Park, bring a good picnic. The park has a wonderful forested area behind the ranger’s quarters that can be used for picnics. There is also a play area for youngsters in this neighbourhood. Furthermore, many of the campgrounds include picnic tables, so you don’t have to eat on the ground while admiring the scenery. The park also sells firewood and ice.


Bring your mountain bike when you come to Gifford Woods State Park to camp because there are many paths to explore. The park is near to Killington Mountain, which includes a bike park that you can use. The nearby woodlands have numerous bike paths that you may explore on your bike, so you will have a great time biking no matter what season it is.

Outdoor Sports

If you visit Gifford Woods State Park, you will most likely be doing some camping. Don’t worry if that isn’t your main interest; you’ll be able to engage in some friendly competition with your family, friends, or fellow campers. You can play horseshoes at the park’s horseshoe pit. If volleyball is your sport, the park has a volleyball net set up in the day use field.

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Bird Watching

One of the benefits of camping in your RV or trailer in Gifford Woods State Park is the presence of groves of old-growth hardwood trees. These trees provide habitat for a variety of plants and fauna, which you may observe while walking through the park. Especially in the fall, you may enjoy the shifting of the foliage while watching birds such as the broad-winged hawk go south for the winter.

Gifford Woods State Park Location

Gifford Woods State Park is a Vermont state park located in Killington. The park is located on Gifford Woods Road, and getting there is pretty simple. Simply continue north on Highway 100 for approximately one-half mile from the intersection of US 4 and Highway 100. It is directly across from Kent Pond, where you may go fishing.

You can find a campground on one of the park’s two camping loops. The best lean-to and camping spots are all in one circle, while other options are on the eastern loop near the cabins. There are various parking areas available, including at the park office, where you may also get free Wi-Fi.

Several sites on the eastern camping loop, as well as the toilets and showers, are wheelchair accessible.

You should thoroughly inspect the campsites. While 21 of the campsites are designated as tent or RV sites, several of them will not accommodate an RV, so you’ll need to bring your camping trailer if you plan on sleeping in a tent.


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