Culinary Adventures by the Shore: Picnicking and Dining at Sunken Meadow

Sunken Meadow State Park, with its breathtaking landscapes along Long Island’s north shore, invites visitors not only to indulge in outdoor activities but also to embark on culinary adventures. In this article, we’ll explore the culinary delights available at Sunken Meadow, providing a guide to the best picnic spots within the park and highlighting nearby dining options that allow visitors to savor delicious meals against the backdrop of Sunken Meadow’s natural splendor.

Picnic Paradise: Sunken Meadow’s Best Spots

  1. Boardwalk Overlook: The Sunken Meadow Boardwalk, with its panoramic views of the salt marsh and Long Island Sound, serves as an ideal picnic spot. Spread out a blanket on the grassy areas surrounding the boardwalk and enjoy a meal while taking in the serene beauty of the marshland and the soothing sound of the waves.
  2. Wooded Clearings: The park’s wooded trails offer secluded clearings that provide a peaceful setting for a picnic amidst nature. Choose a spot along the Greenbelt Trail or any of the interconnected trails, where dappled sunlight filters through the leaves, creating an intimate and tranquil dining experience.
  3. Beachfront Bliss: For those who prefer the sand between their toes, the beach at Sunken Meadow offers a classic seaside picnic experience. Enjoy a meal with a view of the Long Island Sound, the sound of seagulls overhead, and the gentle lapping of waves along the shore.
  4. Sunken Meadow Pavilion: The park features pavilions equipped with picnic tables, making them perfect for larger groups or family gatherings. The Sunken Meadow Pavilion provides a covered area, offering respite from the sun while still allowing you to relish the beauty of the park.

Nearby Dining Options:

  1. Waves Seafood & Grill: Located just a short drive from Sunken Meadow State Park, Waves Seafood & Grill offers a diverse menu featuring fresh seafood, grilled favorites, and a selection of appetizers. Dine on the outdoor patio for a relaxing experience with views of the nearby harbor.
  2. Duck Island Ale House: This gastropub, situated in nearby Northport Village, is known for its casual atmosphere and pub-style cuisine. Indulge in comfort food classics, craft beers, and enjoy the charming surroundings of Northport’s historic district.
  3. Sand City Brewing Co.: Craft beer enthusiasts can head to Sand City Brewing Co., located in Northport. With a rotating selection of handcrafted beers, this brewery provides a laid-back setting for visitors to unwind after a day of exploration at Sunken Meadow.
  4. Sweet Mama’s: Just a short drive from the park in Northport, Sweet Mama’s offers a delightful menu of breakfast and lunch options. Known for their delicious pancakes, omelets, and sandwiches, it’s an ideal spot for a morning or midday meal.


Sunken Meadow State Park isn’t just a destination for outdoor adventures; it’s a culinary haven waiting to be explored. Whether you choose to pack a picnic and savor a meal within the park’s natural beauty or venture to nearby dining establishments for a taste of local flavors, Sunken Meadow provides a delightful blend of culinary and scenic delights. So, pack your favorite picnic basket or explore the local dining scene, and let Sunken Meadow enhance your culinary adventures by the shore.

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