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298 Bigelow Hollow Rd, Union, CT 06076, United States

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Introduction of Bigelow Hollow State Park

Bigelow Hollow State Park, located in Union, Connecticut, is surrounded by Nipmuck State Forest and borders Mashapaug Lake. Picnic tables, beaches, scuba diving, mountain biking, a boat launch, and miles of hiking trails are available. The surname “Bigelow” is a mystery because no one with that name appears to have been associated with this area. According to older Union residents, the name is derived from “Big Low,” a deep hollow in which the 18-acre pond of the same name is located.The Nipmuck Indian word for “Great Pond” is “Mashapaug.” The current 300-acre lake was originally about half the size. Two different parties attempted to draw water from this natural pond in the mid-1880s. One group went north, while the other went south. When the latter party ran into a ledge, they were forced to abandon the battle and later joined forces with their opponents to form the current lake. The contrast of rock, water, and mixed deciduous/evergreen woodland provides ample beauty to the park’s many visitors. Pets on leashes are welcome.


Lake view Bigelow Hollow State Park
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Bigelow Hollow State Park Activities


Row your fishing boat or paddle your kayak out onto the lake for a relaxing afternoon. Boat launches and fishing piers for wheelchairs are available. Bigelow Pond does not allow gas engines


Bigelow Hollow’s small trail system connects mountain bikers to more than 30 miles of logging roads and trails in the 9,000-acre state forest.


Bigelow Hollow, at 513 acres, completely encircles Bigelow Pond and provides access to the much larger Mashapaug Lake, which is known for its water quality. Both have trout, and Mashapaug has native pickerel as well as large and smallmouth bass.


Trails lead from Bigelow Hollow to the Breakneck area, but none of them are loop trails. Hikers should expect to walk at least six miles to complete the Breakneck Loop. Briggs Pond has no designated trails. For hikers looking for trails that begin and end in the same location, the trails west of the park road form loops and cover less ground than the trails leading to Breakneck.

Bigelow Hollow State Park Location

Bigelow Hollow State Park is accessible via I-84 via Route 171. Exit at 73 or 74, then take Route 190 north to Route 171 east to the park’s entrance.

Sitting area Bigelow Hollow State Park
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