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156 W Union St, Ashland, MA 01721, United States

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1:00 AM to 6:00 PM


$8 for MA Residents and $30 for non MA residents.

Introduction of Ashland State Park

In the Massachusetts town of Ashland, there is a 157-acre (64 ha) reservoir that is surrounded by Ashland State Park, a public leisure area. The 470 acres (190 ha) of the state park include all of the reservoir’s coastline, which is bordered by the Warren Conference Center and Inn of Framingham State University[3], town-owned property that was formerly Camp Winnetaska (a Girl Scout camp),[4], and private residences. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation is in charge of running the park.

Beautiful Ashland State Park is a state park in Massachusetts. Hiking, fishing, and camping are just a few of the outdoor activities that can be found in the park. The park also features a variety of picnic spots, which are great for a day trip with the family. The park is the ideal location for nature enthusiasts because it is also home to a variety of diverse wildlife species.


The Ashland Reservoir, which was finished in 1895, was removed from use in 1947, leading to the creation of the park. The dam and spillway for the reservoir are protected on the National Register of Historic Places.

Due to financial shortages, the park was unmanned from 2009 to 2012; it reopened in 2013 with money to repair any infrastructure that had deteriorated during the closure.

lake in Ashland State Park
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Camping at Ashland State Park

There are a couple parks for travel trailers close by that you may stay at if you rent an RV in Middlesex County. Pine Lane RV Resort & Cottages is one possibility. This park offers features including WiFi, electrical connections, and water hookups. A mini-golf course, spa, fitness centre, and basketball court are also included.

Circle CG Farm Campground is an additional campground. 158 camp spaces are available at this 30 acre RV campground. Here, facilities including water, electricity, a store for RV supplies, WiFi, TV, and a pool are available. Additionally, there are several occasions hosted here throughout the year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.

water side Ashland State Park
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Activities and Amenities

The park’s paths are utilised for cross-country skiing, biking, and hiking. In addition to a ramp for fishing and boating, the park features picnic areas, a swimming beach, and facilities that are handicapped accessible. It has seasonal employees.

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Ashland State Park has 1 family-friendly hiking paths that are easy to navigate.

Looking for a trek with greater difficulty?

 With paths ranging from 46 to 46 metres in elevation increase, we’ve got you covered. You may locate the ideal path for your upcoming visit to Ashland State Park no matter what you have planned for the day.

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Getting Outdoors

Ashland State Park offers a variety of activities to enjoy the outdoors. Here, guests may go fishing. The Ashland Reservoir is one of the best places in the park to go fishing. Numerous species, including chain pickerel, bass, bullhead, shiner, and pumpkinseed, may be found in this body of water. A boat ramp is accessible. Remember that there are a few sand bars you’ll need to be aware of if you do take a boat out on the lake.

Hiking is another activity. The Ashland Reservoir Trail, which round the reservoir’s edge and offers stunning views of the surrounding forest, is one route hikers may take. There are a few side trails as well, which may lead hikers deep into the forest before returning to the Ashland Reservoir Trail.

At the park, you can also go birdwatching. You’ll see a lot of birds flying around because it’s a great habitat for them, including bobolinks, bluebirds, meadowlarks, and sparrows. Birdwatchers should wander into park areas with lots of trees since they are often crowded with birds and offer the greatest views.

Things you should not miss

Hiking, biking, fishing, and swimming are the finest pastimes close to Ashland State Park. The stunning environment and nature are a brief explanation of what should not be missed close to Ashland State Park in Massachusetts.

Hiking, bicycling, fishing, and swimming are the top pastimes close to Ashland State Park in Massachusetts. A wonderful location to take in the outdoors and appreciate nature is Ashland State Park.

Where can I eat at Ashland State Park?

1. The Blue Ox

2. The Olde Inn

3. The Publick House

4. The Black Sheep

5. The Grog

6. The Green Dragon

Exploring the Area

While visiting Ashland State Park, there are a few local things that can be of interest if you want to take your camper on a few day trips throughout the region. There is a place called Boston Common. One of the first parks of its sort in the country, this outdoor space is bordered by several historical landmarks, including the Granary Burying Ground, where notable figures like Gilbert Stuart and Charles Sprague are buried. Beacon Hill may also be seen from Boston Common, which also has a few interesting historical features including a memorial marking the location of the Great Elm before it was destroyed by a storm.

Garden in the Woods is a short distance away in Framingham. This outdoor destination, which spans 45 acres and is a part of the Native Plant Trust, is accessible to the general public from April through October. The garden has kettle ponds, marshes, and a variety of native New England flora. Due to the variety of bird species that nest in its trees, The Garden in the Woods is also a popular destination for birdwatchers.

woods Ashland State Park
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Additionally, visitors might go to Worcester to visit EcoTarium. With the help of a variety of interactive displays, this museum honours science and nature. Visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to see creatures, learn about regional ecosystems, see items like sponges, and understand why water is so important for life. A planetarium with a 40-foot dome is also present. The museum also contains a few hiking paths and ponds in addition to inside exhibitions.

Go to Motif #1 in Rockport. This crimson fishing shack on Bradley Wharf is one of the most colourful buildings in the nation, according to legend. This attraction, which is a copy of the original shack, was once a favourite stop for painters in the 1800s who wished to master the fundamentals of painting light and other compositional elements.

Take a brief stroll across to Cape Ann, which is surrounded by colonial mansions and offers breathtaking coastline views, while you are in Rockport. Visitors might take a stroll along the nearby beach or visit one of the city’s few museums. Visitors may stop by one of Cape Ann’s numerous seafood restaurants to enjoy the fried clams that are another specialty of this lovely location.

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