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16396 Tar Hollow Rd, Laurelville, OH 43135, United States

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open year-round during daylight hours.



Introduction of Tar Hollow State Park

Deep ravines and dense forest cover 604 acres, which are traversed by winding park and forest roads. Early settlers used the scattered shortleaf and pitch pines growing on the ridges as a source of pine tar, giving Tar Hollow its name. The slopes are covered with a variety of wildflowers, dogwoods, and redbuds in the spring. The colour display of the fall is breathtaking. Tar Hollow State Park and the neighbouring state forest, which are surrounded by the untamed foothills of the Appalachian Plateau, are typical of the wildness that covered Ohio in the days of the early settlers. It serves as a haven for a variety of fascinating animal species. Here, you may find many reptiles and amphibians, colourful game birds, songbirds, and elusive animals. In Tar Hollow’s woodland, the timber rattlesnake, which is endangered in Ohio owing to deforestation, persists. Both the secretive fence lizard and the five-lined skink, which may be identified by its bright blue tail, are present in the region. While the hulking box turtle lives on dry soil, painted turtles may be observed around Pine Lake’s shoreline. On the chilly, moist forest floor, salamanders such the red-backed, dusky, long-tailed, and northern two-lined flourish. The gobbling of wild turkeys and the drumming of ruffed grouse may be heard in the springtime in the forested hollows. In this distinct, untamed area, bobcat sightings have reportedly been extremely rare.

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Camping at Tar Hollow State Park

The campsite is located close to the lake in a forested depression. There are 28 electric sites and 60 non-electric sites that are both sunny and shaded. There are showers, pit latrines, and a dump station available at the campground. All campsites allow pet camping. For organised groups, a group camp area is accessible by reservation. At five of the shelters, camping is permitted.

Tar Hollow State Park Activities


Only on the 15-acre Pine Lake is it authorised to have boats with electric engines. The lake is ideal for rowboats and canoes. There is a launch ramp close to the shore.


There are over 25 kilometres of hiking trails in this park.


Along SR 327, Swamp Rd., and other neighbouring roads, visitors may experience this park’s rich woodland.


The general store is where the 2.5-mile Pine Run mountain biking path starts.


On the 15-acre Pine Lake, bluegill and other panfish offer nice action for anglers. A current Ohio fishing licence is necessary.

Horseback Riding

On the forest property, there are 25 kilometres of bridle routes (marked by white blazes) and a horse camp.


The state park does not authorise hunting. Excellent prospects for squirrel, deer, grouse, and turkey hunting may be found in the nearby state forest. A current Ohio hunting licence is necessary.


There are four picnic sites in this park, each with beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. You may make a reservation at The Big Shelterhouse online or by calling 866-644-6727. On the first working day of the month, call the park office at 740-887-4818 to book one of the seven additional shelters. There is camping allowed in these shelters.

Water Sports

In close proximity to the campsites is Pine Lake, which offers swimming. On the unsupervised beach, parents are accountable for their children.

Winter Sports

The neighbouring Scioto Trail State Park offers ice fishing, cross-country skiing, sledding, and skating.

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Tar Hollow State Park History 

Pioneers used Tar Hollow as a supply of pine tar, thus the name. The area was one of the non-productive agricultural lands that the federal government bought in the 1930s. Several New Deal projects resulted in the development of recreational facilities. In 1939, the Tar Hollow Forest-Park property came under the supervision of the Ohio Division of Forestry. With the establishment of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Recreation in 1949, the state park was established. Tar Hollow State Forest, Ohio’s third-largest state forest, was transformed into the park.



16396 Tar Hollow Road, Laurelville, Ohio 43135, is where you may find this park.


Parking is available.

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Public Transport is available.

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