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321 158th Ave SW, Lakebay, WA 98349, United States

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Introduction of Penrose Point State Park

On the Puget Sound shoreline, Penrose Point State Park is a 152-acre marine and camping area. The park fronts Mayo Cove and Carr Inlet on the ocean for more than two kilometres. This park is stunning because of the wildlife, birds, and woodland surroundings. Eagle Scouts constructed “A Touch of Nature,” a self-guided interpretive path, in 1982. A subsequent troop of Eagle Scouts refurbished it in 1991. The path is 0.5 miles long and is situated in the day use area. In the park, there are large stumps with springboard notches, which are signs of earlier logging activities. The construction of Penrose Point benefited greatly from the involvement of the neighbourhood. Initially a marsh was turned into a park (now the day-use area). The name pays homage to Dr. Stephen Penrose, a native of Pennsylvania who led Whitman College in Walla Walla from 1884 until 1934. Dr. Penrose and his family spent many summers vacationing on the area that is now a park. Dr. Penrose, a well-known figure in the Northwest’s educational and religious communities, was a strong advocate for children’s outdoor play.

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Campsites in Penrose Point State Park

Penrose Point State Park Camgpround

The Penrose Point State Park Campground, which is situated in a wooded region on the park’s western edge, has more than 80 RV-friendly campsites. This is the ideal location to relax and re-establish a connection with nature because all sites are simple without connections.

Each site has its own picnic table and fire ring, and the campsite has a dump station, three central bathrooms, two of which have showers, despite the absence of connections. RVs that are 35 feet or shorter should have little trouble traversing the campground’s winding roads and fitting into most of the spots. Each site accepts pets, and there are several ADA sites available.

Even while overnight visitors won’t be staying right on the beach, they will still be close by. Near the campsite, there are additional volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and hiking routes. From mid-May to mid-September, bookings can be made up to nine months in advance at the campground, which is open all year. Campsites are offered on a first-come, first-served basis during the off-season.

First-come first-served

Penrose Point State Park Camgpround

If you don’t want to plan things out, you might prefer to visit Penrose Point State Park off-peak. The park campsite is open on a first-come, first-served basis from mid-September to mid-May. For rigs 35 feet or under in length, there are more than 80 conventional RV-friendly sites available. The campsite also has access to hiking trails, bathhouses, and a dump station. Every location welcomes pets, and a handful of them are ADA accessible. Recommendations are advised if you want to travel during the busiest time of year, which is the summer.

Other camping options

Penrose Point State Park Group Campground

The group campsite at Penrose Point State Park is a great place to stay if you’re organising a camping vacation with friends. This spacious campground, which lies in the park’s middle, has enough for 20 to 50 people. There are no connections of any type available, so you may either park the RV and remain in your home away from home or opt to camp out in your tent beneath the stars.

A picnic shelter with three tables, fire rings, seats, vault toilets, and water spigots is available at the campground. The primary campsite has facilities with showers, and a day use area close has flush toilets.

Reservations for the group camping may be made up to nine months in advance, and it is available all year.

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Penrose Point State Park Activities


The park has a 158-foot dock. Near the dock is a picnic area with tables, braziers, and a fire ring with benches. A short route ascends to a tourist parking area, a modest picnic shelter, a campsite, and public bathrooms. Three miles from the park, in the town of Home, is the closest public boat launch. The park also has a pumpout station, eight moorage buoys, and 270 feet of moorage.


All hiking paths accept bicycles with the exception of the interpretative trail.


A mile from the park lies Bay Lake, a well-known trout fishing lake. Although parking there needs a Department of Fish and Wildlife sticker, a boat launch is accessible there.


The park and the shoreline together provide 2.5 kilometres of informative and natural pathways.


There are 60 unsheltered picnic tables and two picnic shelters without power in the park. First come, first served applies to all. A big grass, picnic tables, braziers, a modest picnic shelter, restrooms, and a day-use area are all present at the beach. On the grass in the day-use area, volleyball can be played, but participants must supply their own free-standing volleyball sets.


For details about RV sites and prices, kindly get in touch with the park.

Water Sports

There are no lifeguards present and no defined swimming area at Carr Inlet or Mayo Cove, however diving, water skiing, and swimming are all permitted. Swimmers swim at their own peril. Visitors to the park enjoy excavating oysters, clamming, and crabbing.

Wildlife Watching and Birding

Some unusual creatures may be found in Penrose Point State Park and the adjacent Puget Sound region. If you paddle silently close to the beach and step carefully on the pathways, you could see deer, seals, blue herons, bald eagles, or woodpeckers, to mention a few. The wooded regions and saltwater marshes also provide for a superb environment. Birdwatchers who want to witness a variety of seabirds, such as goldeneyes, pacific loons, and hooded mergansers, should stay near the beach.

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No matter which way you’re coming from, you’ll enjoy a beautiful drive as you approach the park. Penrose Point State Park is situated in one of Washington’s most picturesque regions and is situated on the Car Inlet of the Puget Sound. The trip to the park should be peaceful as it is far from major motorways and highways. As long as they take any turns slowly, even those towing large trucks won’t have any problem traversing the roadways. Penrose Point is not particularly close to any major highways or towns, however the town of Home is an excellent spot to refuel the campervan or stock up on supplies before entering the park.

Roads continue to be paved and well-maintained as you enter the park. Most sites in the campsite can accommodate RVs up to 35 feet in length, and it is located just outside the park’s western entrance. While some of the sites are a little bit longer, huge rigs will have difficulty navigating the congested campground roads. Since the park is tiny, you may start your exploration on foot or by bicycle after you park the Airstream and set up camp.


For day visitors, there are two extra parking lots: one in the day-use area close to the beach and one on the park’s western edge next to the campsite.

Public Transport

Public Transport is available.

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