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Introduction of Hamilton Branch State Park

The expansive and forested Hamilton Branch State Park is located in Plum Branch, South Carolina, on a peninsula of the 71,000-acre Strom Thurmond Lake. Everything from boating, fishing, and swimming to waterskiing, jet skiing, and even paddleboarding is enjoyable at the lake. Since there is so much room and it being a hot day in South Carolina, it is normal to see sailboats and grand houseboats on this enormous lake. No matter if you leap from your boat, the pier, or wade in from the shore, swimming is always enjoyable.

You can swim almost anywhere along the more than 1,200 miles of beach, but keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on duty and that you are swimming at your own risk. Keep an eye out and make sure kids and non-swimmers are wearing life jackets. On dry land, you won’t get bored either. Enjoy a mountain bike trail, a nature trail, and a different path that leads to the 12-mile Stevens Creek Biking Trail. Since South Carolina’s weather is generally mild throughout the year, you may engage in warm-weather activities like geocaching, hiking, and hunting off-season. This park is a terrific area to take an RV vacation with the family and friends, no matter what time of year it is, whether you are looking for some fun in the water or on land.

waterside Hamilton Branch State Park
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Campsites in Hamilton Branch State Park

Reservations camping

Campground A (Group Camp)

Do you anticipate hosting a sizable gathering, such as a scout unit or even a family reunion? You’ll be happy to know that Campground A is a group campground that can house up to 400 people if camping is on your mind for this event. This campsite has lots of picnic tables, fire rings, and even several barbeque pits for cooking, despite the lack of electricity or water hookups. There are some pit toilets that are a little closer as well as several contemporary facilities with running water nearby. Since Campground A is situated on a peninsula encircled by Strom Thurmond Lake, you can go to the lake by foot from any location in the campground. The lake will thus be calling your name throughout the sweltering summer days in South Carolina, so make sure to pack your fishing gear, canoes, and bathing suits. Pets are also welcome here as long as they are properly confined or on a leash at all times.

Campground B

The largest campground, B, has 45 enormous campsites, including 13 tent-only locations. All of these RV spots feature 20/30/50-amp power and water hookups and are located directly on the shore of Strom Thurmond Lake. Only water is accessible at the tent campsites. While some of the sites can only take rigs up to 30 feet, the majority of them can support RVs and trailers up to 35 feet. Before booking your site either online or over the phone, be careful to verify the duration restriction. These locations each include a sizable picnic table, a fire ring, and a BBQ grill. There is plenty of room to play and relax by the campfire in the spacious areas. In addition, two RV sanitation dump sites and a contemporary comfort station with showers and facilities are available at Hamilton Branch State Park. You’re welcome to bring your dog, as dogs are accepted. However, you must always confine them or keep them on a leash.

Campground C

15 campsites at this pet-friendly lakefront park can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet in length. 20/30/50-amp power and water hookups are provided at every site. Because they are all located at the lake’s edge, you can hear and see the water from your RV. In reality, you just need to move a few feet to reach the water’s edge to engage in some fishing or swimming. With the included BBQ pit and the additional pit for a campfire, cooking will be a breeze. You won’t have to try to balance food on your lap on a camp chair or try to dine inside because the entire family can fit around the picnic table. You did come on vacation to be outside in the fresh air, after all. You can locate the comfort station, which offers a contemporary bathroom and hot showers, in the heart of the campground. If you require an RV dump station, one is also close by. Considering that there are only 15 sites, reservations have to be made much in advance.

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Campground D

This campground is one of the biggest, with 36 roomy campsites. All but three of the sites are close to the lake, so you can virtually go fishing right outside your front door. There are a few places that are somewhat smaller than 30 feet, but as long as your RV is 30 feet or less, you can fit into these sites. When booking your place, be sure to check the duration restrictions. For your convenience, every campground has water, 20/30/50 electric, and RV dump stations. Since each campsite includes a BBQ pit and a picnic table big enough for your entire group, cooking outdoors is simple here. Each campsite in the park has a campfire ring, so you may sit around the fire as well. The first camping circle is where you’ll find the ADA-accessible bathrooms and shower facilities. Pets are welcome, but please keep them restricted or on a leash while you are there.

Campground E

This campground, which is among the biggest, contains 18 waterfront campsites that can hold rigs up to 30 feet long and one (number 81) that can hold rigs up to 20 feet long. Each site features a BBQ pit, 20/30/50 amp power connections, and water access, allowing you to cook indoors or outside. Your entire group may eat in comfort at the wide picnic table, which seats six people. There is, of course, a fire ring where you can have a campfire, roast marshmallows, and share tales around the fire. There are two comfort stations at this campsite, both with hot showers and up-to-date, functioning facilities. There is also a nearby RV disposal station. Friendly animals are allowed in the park as long as they are leashed and under your supervision. Since there are only a few RV sites available, bookings should be made as soon as possible.

Campground F

Ten roomy campsites at Campground F are within a short distance from the water. All of the sites can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length and have electric connections of 20/30/50 amps. You don’t have to worry about getting that awning put up right away because this campground is on a separate private peninsula from all the other campgrounds and the sites are partially shaded. If you want one of these campsites, make sure to book your space as soon as possible. You may cook inside your rig or outdoors on the free barbecue grill if you have access to electricity and water. You won’t have to try to balance your food on your lap while seated in a lawn chair because your entire family can fit at the picnic table. You can easily walk to the comfort stations at Campground E, which offer hot showers and contemporary restrooms. Pets are welcome as long as they are kept under control and confined while you are here.

Campground G

The majority of the 18 campsites at Campground G are beachfront locations and can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet long. You may simply cook inside or outside here because each one has water and 20/30/50-amp electric. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your RV cool in South Carolina’s sweltering summers. You may use the furnished BBQ grill or the campfire pit to prepare food outside. You will have a spot to sit and dine as soon as you are done making your food. You don’t have to eat indoors because there is a sizable picnic table that accommodates six people. On the tip of the peninsula, in the centre of the campsite circle, there is a contemporary restroom with running water. A nearby RV sanitation dump and shower facility with hot water are also available. Bring your dog, but remember to also bring its leash and to keep it tied and under control while you are there. Make sure you reserve your space in advance.

Campground H

The third-largest campground, Campground H, has 34 campsites, all of which are located along the lake’s edge. All other campsites can take rigs up to 30 feet in length, while those on campsites 38 to 52 can accept rigs up to 35 feet. All of these campsites include BBQ pits, as well as water and 20/30/50-amp power hookups, so you may cook outside or indoors at these locations. Additionally, there is a fire ring that you may use for campfires. If you choose, you can cook over the fire as well. The ideal place to cook hotdogs on a stick or s’mores is over a campfire. There are showers and running water in the campground’s restrooms, and a neighbouring RV dump site is also available. Pets are permitted at this campsite as well as the others. They must be confined and under under supervision, though. It is necessary to make reservations, which you may do online up to a year in advance.

Campground I

This little campsite is well-liked by families as it is the closest to the playground, picnic areas, and Visitor Center. A handful of the sites are on the lake, while the remaining ones are a little bit further in the woods. All locations still provide access to water. For those who like to stay close to the trailhead, day use area, and boat ramps, these eight pet-friendly sites are fantastic. Each campground can accommodate RVs and campers up to 30 feet in length and has access to water and 20/30/50-amp electric service. The closest shower facilities are a short distance away from Campground I and a little further up toward Campground G. On the BBQ pit or campfire grill, you can simply prepare a dinner outside, and there is a sizable picnic table where the entire family may sit. There is no need to attempt to balance your meal when seated in a camp or lawn chair. There are only eight sites here, so you should make your reservation online or over the phone well in advance.
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Hamilton Branch State Park Activities


The 1.5-mile Paleo Hiking Loop Trail is a wonderful, quick trek that you may take with your family. This fantastic walk will take you on a slow yet rejuvenating stroll through the woods and begins and concludes at the visitor centre. Just adhere to the white signs with the black arrows for a beautiful stroll across ravines and into meadows. You’re going to see some incredible sights that you’ll want to show all of your friends, so bring your camera.


If you don’t know what geocaching is, search it up online to find out everything you need to know about this enjoyable outdoor sport that is similar to a national treasure hunt. All you require are some decent walking shoes and a smart phone with GPS. Go to the geocache website and look up the park’s coordinates. Your phone will walk you through the process of getting there. The park has a number of geocaches to locate. One of them is in a 50-caliber ammo box approximately 150 feet from the parking lot. Some geocaches include little trinkets, but you must leave one of your own in exchange if you take it. Before returning the geocache to its original location, don’t forget to sign the logbook so that others can locate it.


Do you have a big family or are you hosting a family gathering? Or perhaps you want to host a picnic or barbecue for all of your friends? There are three picnic shelters at Hamilton Branch State Park that can each accommodate between 40 and 50 people, so you can load up the RV with everyone inside. There are bathrooms with running water, picnic tables, and BBQ grills despite the lack of power. While the other two may be reached by foot, only one of the shelters is directly on the lake. If possible, reserve a pavilion in advance; otherwise, you must wait your turn.


Make careful to load your fishing equipment in the rig before leaving if you’re a fisherman. Actually, don’t stress if you don’t remember to pack it; Hamilton Branch State Park will loan you some. In order to venture out on the lake and catch some food, rods and reels are available for loan at the park office. In Strom Thurmond Lake, there are several different fish species, including catfish, crappie, bream, and bass. Make sure you have a fishing licence for South Carolina.


The focal point of this park, as well as numerous others nearby, is the 71,000-acre Strom Thurmond Lake. One of the three biggest lakes east of the Mississippi, it is a popular destination for both residents and tourists from across the world. With two boat ramps in the park, you may launch any boat, from a bass boat to a pontoon, into this lovely body of water, which has a maximum depth of nearly 180 feet and is located at the base of the Savannah River. Bring your kayak or canoe if you have one, as small boats are also welcome.

boating at Hamilton Branch State Park
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Are you considering a mountain riding trip? When you visit Hamilton Branch, feel free to bring your bike along because there are a few biking routes you may explore. Starting at the visitor centre, the six-mile Stevens Creek Trail leads through some challenging terrain, including narrow switchbacks and challenging hills to ascend. You will cross the stream on multiple occasions and descend a number of precipitous cliffs into the dense woodland. Some of the region is fairly remote, so be ready with water, food, and a first aid kit in your backpack.



Hamilton Branch State Park may be found. The Augusta National Golf Club, the site of the Masters Tournament, is located in northwest South Carolina, only 25 miles from Augusta, Georgia, where you can visit the Augusta Riverwalk, the Augusta Museum of History, or even drive by it. The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, is only 75 miles distant and features a zoo, a botanical park, and a tonne of monuments. Baker Creek State Park, Elijah Clark State Park, and Hickory Knob State Park and Resort are all nearby state parks that you may visit while you are in the region. Elijah Clark State Park is only 20 miles away. You won’t run out of things to do with all the exciting locations to explore in the neighbourhood, that much is certain.

The park is conveniently located off US-221, and since the roads are generally well-maintained and level, you should be OK driving any vehicle. Keep your eyes on the road and let your passengers to snap pictures of the surroundings, but be mindful of certain twisty roads. As long as you are careful and drive carefully, the streets in the park are largely paved and big enough for your RV or trailer. Enjoy the serenity and beauty of this amazing spot at your own pace.


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