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Introduction of Grand Mere State Park

Grand Mere State Park, a 985-acre area in Berrien County, is devoid of a campsite and even direct access to its mile of Lake Michigan beachfront, unlike most other state parks around Lake Michigan. Only a small portion of the crowds that visit sites like Warren Dunes or Hoffmaster are drawn there. Grand Mere is one of the most interesting sets of dunes in the state from the standpoint of a naturalist, and the U.S. Congress named it a National Natural Landmark in 1976 due to its biological diversity.

Along the western boundary of the state, a number of smaller depressions created by the glaciers that dug out the Great Lakes 10,000 years ago later developed into interdunal lakes, ponds, and marshes. This region once had a chain of five such lakes that were environmentally shielded from Lake Michigan by a barrier of wind-blown sand dunes. Because to aquatic succession, there are now just three. Grand Mere is an excellent illustration of the many stages of the transition from aquatic to terrestrial populations today. Starting with North Lake, you can observe how each lake gradually vanishes, with open water first changing into marsh, then forested swamps, and finally closed bog woods, as happened to the earlier two lakes that are located south of the park.

In the park’s open dunes and forested parts, there are over 4 miles of pathways that form a circle, however only the half-mile Nature Route is an official trail. The picnic shelter’s paved, wheelchair-accessible walk around South Lake while passing ten informational markers that correlate to the map’s reverse. The other trails are not marked or kept up-to-date. Nearly a mile from a tiny parking spot off Wishart Road to the western terminus of the Nature Trail is the most distinctive trail.

The most beautiful walk in the park is the Baldtop loop, a 2-mile stroll that circles the largest dune in the area. Despite being brief, it can be physically taxing due to the steep ascent to Baldtop’s breathtaking vistas and long stretches over the soft sand of open dunes. It also features a section of Lake Michigan where, despite the fact that you can see summer residences at either end, the beach is spacious and rather secluded.

Because the park is located along a significant migration flyway, it draws birdwatchers in the spring and fall. Nearly 250 different bird species, including a sizable number of hawks that may be observed travelling on the east winds, have been spotted here. In the spring, birders can see common loons, cormorants, other ducks, herons, warblers, and other songbirds migrating.

Nordic skiers appreciate the park’s unspoiled, practically trailless terrain when there is enough snow for skiing. Parking is available at Wishart’s terminus, which is a half-mile drive from its intersection with Willow Road. There is no ski rental shop at the park and none of the tracks are groomed.

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Grand Mere State Park Activities


Middle Lake is accessible by launch.


As long as you have a fishing licence, you are permitted to fish in the three interior lakes. Largemouth bass, bluegill, and other panfish are frequently caught by visitors.


Grand Mere State Park has a roughly four-mile trail loop that winds through the dunes and woodland areas, although only a half-mile of it is a recognised Nature Trail. However, this section is paved and ADA compliant! It begins beside the picnic area close to the parking area and around South Lake. The Grand Mere Dune Trail, which is roughly half a mile long, branches out at one point. The remaining routes are at a moderate hiking level but are neither marked or maintained. From the Wishart Road parking lot to the west end of the Nature Trail, one of these routes is roughly a mile long.

Take the Baldtop Loop around the largest dune at Grand Mere for a more challenging climb. With access to a beach overlooking Lake Michigan, this is a beautiful vista. The ideal payment for your efforts!

Bring your Pets!

The pleasure at Grand Mere State Park is unquestionably open to your furry pals as well! Bring them to the beach and let them to swim with you. Please just make sure they’re on a leash! And remember that getting to the beach requires a half- to three-mile hike across the dune. Bring water to keep your friends hydrated as well as materials to clean up after them.


There are grills and picnic tables, and barbecues are welcomed.


No using pistols or rifles for hunting.

Historic Sites

The park contains several natural elements unique to this part of the state that are shielded from Lake Michigan by the dunes to the west. It received the designation of National Natural Landmark in 1976.

Water Sports

Swimming, beach strolling, boating, and fishing are some of the most popular water sports on this sandy beach.

Winter Sports

Trail Length: 0.50 km Grand Mere-Nature Trail (Miles) hiking and cross-country skiing.

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I-94 to Exit 22, then take John Beers Rd. south to Thornton Dr. to get the entrance.


Parking is available.

Public Transport

Public Transport is available.

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